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What is Origin?

Origin is a free gaming service that lets you connect with your friends and the games you love from anywhere and across multiple devices. Origin also helps you discover great games from some of the world’s leading publishers, and keeps you informed of exclusive content and deals you can’t get anywhere else.

How do I get started?

Getting started is simple: (1) Download and install Origin to your Mac or PC. (2) Create an EA account.

To download and install Origin for Mac or PC:

  1. Go to www.origin.com/en-us/download. Review the system requirements, then click the orange Download Origin button.
  2. Run Origin.dmg (Mac) or OriginThinSetup.exe (PC)
  3. Follow the instructions to install Origin on your computer.

To create an EA account, go to www.origin.com/create. Alternatively, you can sign up through Origin itself once you’ve downloaded and installed it by selecting Create an account on the login screen.

What social capabilities does Origin offer?

You can use your EA account to find and chat with your friends, see the games they’re playing, and invite them into your game. Access your friends list from any platform with Origin installed.

If you’re using Origin on a PC, you can also quickly and easily broadcast your gameplay online for gamers everywhere to view.

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  • Can I access Origin on PC, Mac, or on my mobile device?

    Yes. Origin is available on all of those platforms. Other advantages include dual-platform play (Mac/PC) for select EA titles, and a unified (Mac/PC) My Games library. Origin features for mobile are built into supported games so there’s no need to download a standalone app.

    Does Origin offer cloud storage?

    Our cloud storage feature houses your in-game progress file in the "cloud"—a network of remote secure servers—so you can pick up right where you left off from any Origin-enabled computer of the same platform (Mac or PC). It’s also a helpful backup for locally saved games.

    How do I place, view, or change an order through Origin?

    You can place an order through Origin from either the Store tab within Origin, or through Origin.com. To view your order history in Origin, log in and select Order History from the Help menu. If you need to make a change to your order, contact us with your order number ready and we’ll take care of it. For more details on your ordering and payment information, visit help.ea.com/en.

    How do I add games to my My Games library?

    When you purchase a digital download of a game through Origin—either from the Store tab or on the web at store.origin.com—the game is automatically added to your My Games library.

    You can also add games purchased outside of Origin, including physical games for Mac or PC, to your My Games library by selecting Add Game from the Origin menu.

    Dual-platform play applies to select EA games (that are available on both Mac and PC)—you can buy a title once on Origin, and when you log in to Origin on your Mac or your PC, that same game will automatically appear in your unified (Mac/PC) My Games library.

    Are all the games on Origin paid?

    Origin offers lots of free options:

    Free-to-play games, are full games that you can download and play for free.

    A free trial is a full game that you can download and play for a predetermined amount of time. If you choose to purchase the game after its trial expires, Origin’s cloud storage allows you to pick up exactly where you left off when the trial ended.

    Demos and betas are typically pre-release. A demo is a short, curated, sample portion of a game that may only let you play a specific level or a designated section of a game. A beta is an early build of a still-in-development game that’s released—sometimes used for stress testing by the game team or feedback on bugs and performance—before the final game gets released to the broader public.

    Occasionally a paid game will be free for a limited time as a special offer; if you download it for free, you will own it forever just like any paid game.

    How can I make my account more secure?

    Your account and personal data security is of utmost importance to EA. While EA has robust security measures in place, we strongly recommend that you take steps to safeguard your EA account as well by creating strong passwords and changing your password often. Your password must be 8-16 characters and include: at least one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter, and a number. To reset your password, select Can’t access your account? under the password field at sign in.

    If you cannot access your account for any reason or if you are concerned about the security of your EA account, please contact help for assistance.

    How can I better manage purchases of in-game content?

    Some EA games allow players to purchase extra in-game content, such as virtual currency and power-ups, with real money. These purchases enhance the gameplay experience, and are not required to fully enjoy your games.

    All in-game purchases are clearly labeled – but if you'd like to further ensure no unauthorized or accidental purchases of in-game content are made, you can do so by:

    • Properly setting up and managing you and your family’s EA Account
    • Restricting in-game purchase settings for your account when desired
    • Protecting and restricting access to your credit cards, bank information, account passwords, user/account name, and other personal data

    On Origin, purchasing in-game content is fast and simple thanks to the ability to securely save your payment information to your EA Account. We recommend you do so only if you wish to make – or authorize your family to make – recurring purchases using that payment method.

    If you don't want to use this feature, just uncheck the “save payment” box when entering payment information on Origin (and delete any previously stored payment information). When you uncheck the “save payment” box, EA will not save any payment information to your account and you will need to re-enter payment information for your next purchase.

    In addition, you can create a Child’s EA Account for your child. When logged into a Child’s EA Account, in-game purchases are disabled automatically. As an added level of safety, a Child’s EA Account disables any social features of EA games as well. Follow these instructions for assistance. to learn more about how to create a Child’s EA Account.

    For more information on managing purchases of in-game content, including those available on mobile and console games, please visit this link for assistance.

    What types of data does EA collect through Origin?

    There are two types of information that are always collected through Origin:

    (1) System interaction data essential to the continued operation of Origin. This includes anonymous crash reports (including the time and approximate location of the crash); hardware specification data (information about your device’s CPU, graphics card, display, memory, browser, and operating system); and other functional details (successful installs, unsuccessful game downloads, game launch data, errors, and lost network connections). MAC and IP addresses are collected as well, but obfuscated and hashed to protect your anonymity. All of this data is used to improve Origin’s performance, identify bugs, and enhance your overall experience.

    (2) Information that you directly provide to Origin. This includes Origin preferences, online feature usage, purchase information, and account information—which is used only to allow specific services to work. For example, Origin needs to collect and verify your personal information in order to process a game purchase.

    For more information about EA’s collection, storage, and use of consumer information, please read EA’s Privacy Policy.

    Can I opt out of data collection?

    You can opt out of sharing hardware specifications and crash reports at any time. Sharing of system interaction data can be limited and made anonymous, but not completely disabled. Edit your data sharing preferences by selecting the Advanced tab in Origin Application Settings.

    How do I get help with Origin?

    If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, please visit help.ea.com.