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How To Add Friends

You can create a Friend’s List within Origin to stay connected with fellow gamers, chat with friends, see what games your friends are playing, and more. Within Origin you can use other social networks like Facebook, Xbox Live and Play Station Network to find your friends and vice versa. Here’s how:

  1. If you are already logged in to Origin, click here to launch Origin and skip straight to step 3 below. If you’re not logged in, simply continue on to step 2.
  2. Open Origin and log into your EA Account.
  3. Go to Friends and select Add A Friend. You can also add a friend right from your Friends List by clicking on Add A Friend in the bottom left corner as well.
  4. However you do so, the Import Friends Wizard will show up. Here is where you can search for friends either by using their ID, real name, and/or email address—or by using a social network like Facebook, Xbox Live, and the PlayStation Network.

Origin will then search and display any of your friends within the network that use Origin. Your friend can be selected by clicking the checkbox to the left of the avatar for that user. You can also click the "Select All/None" checkbox in the upper-right corner to select all or none of the search results. Once you’ve selected the friends you wish to invite, Origin will send the friend requests.

From your friend's perspective, a new friend invite shows up at the top of their Origin Friends List. At this point, he or she can either ACCEPT or IGNORE the friend request from you. Once your friend accepts your friend request, you will be added to their Origin Friends List.