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How To Broadcast Your Gameplay

With Origin, you can broadcast your gameplay to show off your slick multiplayer tactics or your most thrilling speedrun to other gamers around the world. And it just takes a few clicks of your mouse.

To start broadcasting, just start playing a game, then bring up Origin In Game by hitting Shift+F1 (or whatever keystroke you’ve chosen for your Origin In Game Hotkey). You’ll notice a camera icon has been added to the bottom of this screen.

Selecting this icon will ask you to sign into your Twitch account (or to create one if you’re not a registered Twitch user).

After signing in, you’ll see the streaming dashboard where you can start or stop your broadcast, give your stream a name, and adjust volume levels.

Your stream will be viewable at www.twitch.tv/[YourTwitchName]. While you're streaming, a broadcast indicator will show up on the top of your screen to let you know how many people are watching your broadcast, and how long you’ve been streaming. Even if you close Origin In Game, the indicator will remain to remind you that you’re broadcasting—and of course, if you don’t want this indicator up all the time, you can just disable it in the settings menu.

For a bit more control over your broadcast, you can click on Advanced Settings on your streaming dashboard to change settings like broadcast resolution, frame rate, whether broadcast indicator is displayed, and more.

A quick caveat for those of you who are new to streaming: broadcasting your game does take up bandwidth, and it may affect your frame rate. If your gameplay slows considerably while streaming, you may want to either reduce the resolution of your broadcast or look into upgrading your CPU.