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How To View & Manage Your Profile

In Origin, you can edit your own profile, control who sees it, and (if needed—sigh) block, unfriend, or report another user.

Editing your own profile

To see your own profile, click here if you are logged in to Origin. If not, then sign in to Origin and click on your username or avatar in the top right corner, above the search box. This will bring up your profile as viewable to others, including your name, status, your friends, and the games in your library. Click Edit My Profile below your avatar to change your avatar, password, ID, and first and last name associated with your Origin profile. You can also change your status (online, away, or invisible) by selecting Set Status from the Friends menu in the top left (or by clicking underneath your name in the Friends List itself).

Privacy Control

Control who can see your full profile (everyone, friends, friends of friends, or no one) by going to the Privacy section in the Account and Privacy menu. If for whatever reason you’d like to block a user from ever finding you or viewing your profile on Origin, scroll down to the "Block List" area of the same Privacy section, enter the person you’d like to block’s email or ID, and click on Block.

Unfriending & Blocking

Your Friends List will be the place where you unfriend someone (for example, if your Friends List gets full and you need to unfriend an inactive player to make room for a new request) or block someone who’s already your friend (if you want to prevent them from either viewing your profile or receiving any notifications about your activity on Origin). Pull up your Friends List by selecting the Show Friends List button in the top right corner, above the search box. Right-clicking on any friend’s name will display the option to either “Unfriend” or “Block” that user.

Alternatively, you can right-click any friend’s name on your Friends List and select View Profile to show their full profile. Here, you’ll see Unfriend, Block User, and Report User (in serious cases where you feel compelled to report any suspicious activity), all as options.