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All Battlefield 3 Players Can Save On Battlefield 3 Premium Now

We've got some great news for Battlefield 3 fans everywhere: We're offering a discount on Battlefield Premium for all PC players. It doesn't matter if you have all four expansion packs to date or none at all—you're eligible to save on Battlefield Premium's normal price for a limited time.

Due to the success of our “Complete Your Battlefield 3 Premium” program, we’re expanding it to include players who only have Battlefield 3 or just one expansion pack. Here is the updated breakdown of your Battlefield 3 Premium savings based on how many expansion packs you already own:

  • Four expansion packs: 70% discount

  • Three expansion packs: 60% discount

  • Two expansion packs: 30% discount

  • One expansion pack: 20% discount

  • No expansion packs: 10% discount

Purchasing Premium now means you’ll get to play End Game two weeks earlier than non-Premium members in March, plus have access to unique in-game items (like special dog tags), server queue priority, exclusive Double XP events, and more. No matter how many expansion packs you already have, now is a great time to get Battlefield 3 Premium and upgrade to the ultimate Battlefield experience.