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Christy Casas

Halls of EA - Conference Room Edition

Conference rooms don't usually get associated with "fun"—instead, tense meetings and sweat inducing interviews happen within their confining walls. But this is why, perhaps, companies have begun to name their conference rooms after tropical vacation spots or influential innovators from their industry —so what happens when you leave the naming up to a bunch of gamers?


Halls of EA - Dragon Age Sword

Walking around the offices of Electronic Arts exposes you to lots of video game artifacts and memorabilia. In addition to items such as the Road Rash bike and the Sega Probe prototype, another standout relic is an honest-to-goodness broadsword. Said broadsword is a replica of the one used by the Grey Wardens (the elite order of warriors in the Dragon Age universe); it was crafted to impress fans at trade shows, and even further immerse them into Dragon Age: Origins's setting of Thedas.


Halls of EA - Ghost Games Edition

Need for Speed fans might be familiar with development studios like Black Box and Criterion working on the franchise, but not with Ghost Games. The developers at Ghost Games will be using their talent to bring you the ultimate rivalry in the recently announced Need for Speed Rivals, and we wanted to give you the chance to know them better. We have interviews with the development team and a sneak peek into this newest studio located in Sweden's largest city, Gothenburg.


Halls of EA - 30th Anniversary of First Games Shipped

Thirty years ago today, EA’s first employees—including founder Trip Hawkins--modestly packed and shipped EA's first five games.


Halls of EA - Shaq Fu

What do Paris, Shaq, and Kung Fu, have in common? Spoiler alert: They're all part of the creation of the in-your-face fighting game featuring Shaquille O’Neal who challenged gamers with, “Come and get yours!”


Halls of EA - Sega Probe

Take a tour of the EA campus, and you're bound to encounter the collection of classic gaming consoles on display, ranging from the Amiga to the Xbox 360—all nostalgia-evoking, familiar systems except for one very unique snowflake: the "Sega Probe" (or simply, the Sprobe).


Halls of EA - Road Rash

One of the more iconic items on campus is sometimes referred to as "the Road Rash bike”; a bright red, fully functional motorcycle in the middle of the lobby. But it’s not the bike that draws attention – It’s the scars.


Halls of EA - Tim's House

Origin Insider uncovers the story behind the heartfelt dedication of EA’s own basketball court, “Tim’s house”.


Halls of EA - Cool Cubes

Spend some time in one of the coolest cubes at EA.


Halls of GDC: A Tour Of The Crytek Booth

Origin Insider had an all-access pass to the Crytek booth at GDC this week. Read on as we take you behind-the-scenes of their new technology and share stories from the original Crysis.


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