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Keoni Chavez

Happy N7 Day! Here are the best fan-made Mass Effect characters in The Sims 4

If you’ve played The Sims 4, you already know that the character creation tools are incredibly deep, providing a massive amount of entertainment before you even start to “play.” Gamers are using those tools to let their creativity shine, recreating everyone from themselves to celebrities and fictional characters as Sims. So in celebration of November 7, AKA N7 Day – the yearly celebration of all things Mass Effect – we wanted to see what cool characters people had created from BioWare’s awesome sci-fi franchise. Want to see what Shepard, Liara, and Jack all look like Sim-ified? Here are our favorites.


Crusader: No Remorse is Now On the House!

Time to fight for the future: from now until December 9, you can download the Origin Studios classic Crusader: No Remorse to your EA account for free. It's On the House, so once it’s in your library, it’s yours to keep and play as much as you want.


It's Time to Grow Your Game Library!

No matter how diligent you may be with staying on top of all the new game releases, you’re bound to miss a few here and there. Luckily, Origin’s Grow Your Game Library sale is here to help you fill in the gaps!


Wing Commander 3: Where Are They Now?

Wing Commander 3: Heart of the Tiger holds a special place in the hearts of gamers. Developed during the early 90s when full-motion cutscenes were still in vogue, the game boasted a cast of recognizable actors who have made their mark in the public consciousness. And because Wing Commander 3 is On the House until September 16, you can see them strut their stuff against a green screen by downloading it for free! Clearly, this game made the careers of these well-known names, but what are they up to these days?


Origin Features Work Great with The Sims 4!

The Sims 4 is here! In addition to all the fun of the new creation tools and emotional depth of the game itself, playing on Origin gives you features to enhance your play.


Trailers Released During Gamescom 2014 You Need to Watch

This year's Gamescom video games conference in Cologne, Germany delivered a huge number of game trailers. Only a select few stood out as must-see moments that will have you excited for the future of gaming.


Things We Learned from the Battlefield Hardline Gamescom Demo

This week at Gamescom, the developers of Battlefield Hardline treated us to a new 12-minute demo of one of the single-player missions, and here are some of the juicy tidbits it revealed.


Five Awesome Things To Do in Battlefield 4 Game Time

If you haven’t played Battlefield 4 yet, it’s available to play right now on Origin, free for a whole week. You’ve probably heard of all the intense military action that awaits you, but you may not know that there’s more to this game than what’s on the surface. Here are five treats you should go after in Battlefield 4.


Ubisoft Sale

The Ubisoft Sale is Go!

If you’ve missed out on playing some of the greatest video game characters in history, now’s your chance to catch up. From now until 9 PM PDT on July 29, the Ubisoft Sale is on in the Origin store, with 40% off some of the greatest games the company has created for the PC.


Top 5 PC Games of E3 2014

There’s nothing like the thrill of a new game announcement. Before any actual hands-on gameplay, there’s the pure potential of gaming fun to be had. At Origin we’re all about playing on the PC, and this year’s crop of E3 titles doesn’t disappoint. Here are the top five PC games we’re looking forward to.


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