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Now Available On Origin: Defiance

If you want a sneak peek at the universe of Defiance before its debut on the SyFy channel on April 15, then you can jump into the official massive online shooter game today.


Battlefield 4 Is Coming This Fall!

We have some amazing news for you and the other 65 million Battlefield fans everywhere: Battlefield 4 is available for pre-order and will be released in the Fall of 2013!


Origin Deal Alert: Origin Player Appreciation Sale

We were thinking of ways to say "thank you" to you and 40 million other gamers using Origin to play great games and connect with friends, and our conclusion: host one of the largest sales in Origin history as the first-ever Origin Player Appreciation Sale.


SimCity Players: Get Your Free Game From Maxis

SimCity Mayors, we want to make sure that you're aware of the latest news on the free game offer from Maxis.


Origin Deal Alert: Mass Effect 3 Anniversary Sale

In celebration of Mass Effect 3's launch back in March 2012, we're putting the entire franchise on sale; now's your chance to save 50% or more when you pick up any of the games in the trilogy.


New Today on Origin: Tomb Raider

In a move similar to Christopher Nolan rebooting Batman with Batman Begins, developer Crystal Dynamics presents a new take on Lara's origin with Tomb Raider.


Origin Deal Alert: Crysis 3 Sale

We have some great news for shooter fans: we're putting Crysis 3 on sale.


Origin Deal Alert: Everything Dead Space Sale

We have some great news for horror fans: you can save up to 50% off of the entire Dead Space franchise for a limited time.


Origin Deal Alert: Presidents’ Day Sale

You don't have to wait until Monday or even the weekend to celebrate Presidents’ Day with Origin—the Origin Presidents’ Day Sale actually starts today and runs throughout the weekend.


All Battlefield 3 Players Can Save On Battlefield 3 Premium Now

We've got some great news for Battlefield 3 fans everywhere: We're offering a discount on Battlefield Premium for all PC players. It doesn't matter if you have all four expansion packs to date or none at all—you're eligible to save on Battlefield Premium's normal price for a limited time.


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