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New Today on Origin: Batman Arkham City GOTY Edition

For anyone who’s a Batman fan, both Arkham Asylum and its sequel Arkham City were fantastic treasure troves of all things dark and broody. From BIFF-BAM-POW fistfights, to moody lurking and predatory sneak attacks, to all the gadgets and gizmos our hearts could desire, these games captured what it would be like to be Batman on every level. They even managed to stay true to the classic Batman villains while still making them distinct and terrifying--mostly thanks to cool character design and fantastic voice acting from Mark Hamill et al.  Add the open-world setting of Arkham City (a walled off section of Gotham that’s been converted into a miniature city full of inmates–think of it as a twisted take on Vatican City), and Batman fans everywhere were hooked. The main storyline also had its fair share of twists and turns worthy of The Joker, and a true shocker of an ending that was at once satisfying and yet left me wanting more.

That “more” is now available in the new Game Of The Year Edition for Arkham City, which features a whole new bonus adventure that takes place after the events of the main story. In it, Harley Quinn is out for revenge against the Dark Knight, and lures him back to Arkham City with a gang of her own. There are also a host of new characters to play–Nightwing, Robin, and Catwoman--in the challenge modes with each one boasting their own set of gadgets and distinctive fighting style. Finally, there are additional skins for these bonus characters, seven new skins for Batman himself, and even more challenge maps to hone your fighting and sneaking skills. If you haven’t already glided into Arkham City, this is the version to pick up for just $29.99