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Free Game Weekly: Battlefield Heroes

Battlefield 1942 had a lot of things going for it back when it released in 2002; besides being a major breakout hit for the small (at the time) Swedish development studio Digital Illusions CE, it advanced the first-person shooter genre forward by mixing infantry with vehicles, and stood out from the field of crowded deathmatch and capture-the-flag themed multiplayer shooters with its distinct Conquest mode. It was an ambitious shooter that stood the test of time and spawned several sequels and new franchises – notably Battlefield: Bad Company and last year’s Battlefield 3.

That leads us to this week’s recommendation for a free game to check out on Origin (which there are a lot of right here; we’ll be picking one to highlight each week): Battlefield Heroes. This free-to-play installment fully embraces the occasional goofiness of the Battlefield franchise, streamlines the core gameplay to make it playable on just about any computer, and is a great way to pass some downtime at work or home. While you can still get some serious tank or helicopter action with Battlefield 3, but when you’re not on your power-gaming computer, you can jump into a BFH session for some lighthearted multiplayer fun featuring flame-covered bullets, exploding barrels, and more. You can earn Hero and Valor Points to unlock new weapons and abilities, or spend real money to purchase Play4Free Funds to obtain new costumes and visual flair.

Now is a great time to get started, as the developers have added a suite of Halloween-specific items. Work your way to unlocking the Jack-o’-buster or Doom Skull rocket launchers, or purchase new Underworld Portals to randomly obtain pieces for a rare Halloween costume set. No matter what class you end up playing as – Commando, Gunner, or Soldier – you’ll have a host of new Halloween flair and items to mess around with, in addition to the usual assortment of weapons and gear.

Besides the Halloween-specific content, BFH also recently launched “The Barber Shop”, which lets you change your character’s appearance at any time (for a nominal fee). Previously, your hero’s hair color, skin color, facial hair type, etc., were locked in after character creation, but the developers have listened to the community request for a way to change your character’s appearance after the fact, and hence The Barber Shop.

Learn more and jump into some matches today at www.battlefieldheroes.com.