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Origin Deal Alert: C&C Strategy Weekend

We were once told that the difference between “strategy” and “tactics” is generally one of scale; tactics are decisions you make in the immediate short term while strategy is your longterm approach. Playing through a shooter and deciding to use the shotgun rather than the sub machinegun is a tactical decision—the idea of being sneaky and using silenced weapons throughout a whole mission is a more strategic decision.

Either way you cut it, “strategy” calls for higher-level thinking. And we’re putting games that emphasize that sort of thinking on sale for C&C Strategy Weekend. For this weekend only, you can save 50% off some top strategy titles at Origin. Command & Conquer The Ultimate Collection is a particularly good deal, as you get all 17 C&C games for a crazy low price. Besides that, the games included in this promotion range from puzzlers like Bejeweled to grandiose strategy titles where you manage an empire throughout history via war, diplomacy, and economy such as Empire: Total War.

Whether you’re an armchair general or just someone who likes to plan ahead before doing anything in general, there’s a pretty clear tactical decision to be made here: buy some games during the C&C Strategy Weekend.