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EA at Gamescom 2014

Gamescom is one of the biggest consumer shows in the world, and there’s a good chance, simply due to geography, you may never had the opportunity to go. Hundreds of thousands of gamers attend this German video game expo every year, and Electronic Arts is in full attendance. Before the doors opened to the public, EA kicked off the start of Gamescom with a press conference on the show floor, streamed live across the planet while we all slept in the US. Well, at least while most of us slept - more than a few of us stayed up to watch the press conference. We're tired, even after a few cups of coffee, but it was worth the sleep deprivation.

Kicking off the opening was an on-stage demo of the Dragon Age Inquisition single player campaign. Aaryn Flynn from BioWare took to the stage to show off things like the progression tree (how your player evolves with traits and capabilities as they level up) and the tactical camera, which allows you to pause the action and command your companions during the fight. The gorgeous open world just keeps getting more beautiful every time we see it, and Dragon Age Inquisition still has a few months more to go before its November 18th release.

Titanfall community manager Abbie Heppe was up next to talk about the improvements that Titanfall has received recently, including the new Burn Cards, the Black Market and the assortment of insignias you can customize your Titan with. She also gave us a sneak peek at the third DLC pack for Titanfall. IMC Rising will offer up three new multiplayer maps to explore when it releases later this year, and anyone with the Titanfall Season Pass should keep their eyes peeled for more details.

The Fastest Game on Ice got some primo time during the press conference. NHL 15 is about ready to drop this September for consoles (with a free, playable demo hitting at the end of this month), and this hockey experience looks incredible. The arena energy has been kicked up to crazy levels this year, and we can’t wait to experience the updated player and puck physics on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Moving onto The Sims 4, not only did the Maxis team reveal that you can download the Create A Sims Demo on Origin (right now!), but it showed off a live demo featuring EA’s own Chief Operating Officer Peter Moore, represented as a playable Sim. Watch as he pleads for a dead neighbor’s life…or attempts to cheer up a housemate by busting all sorts of dance moves in the living room. That's the Peter Moore we know.

After The Sims 4, both the free-to-play FIFA World and the upcoming FIFA 15 got a bit of time during the show. You can check out all the improvements that FIFA World is getting by jumping into the action now, adding to the 500,000 daily matches that are already happening. FIFA 15’s almost ready to go, too, and its well on its way to being the most stunning and most complete game of soccer ever created.

We got a small glimpse at the always evolving Star Wars The Old Republic. Check out the new customizable stronghold feature where you can create your own living arrangements in the multiplayer experience.

European gamers looking to get into Dawngate, the free-to-play MOBA developed by Waystone Games, are in luck. The European Alpha servers have now launched. Get into the action now by heading to the Dawngate website and signing up.

Arguably the biggest news out of Gamescom 2014 came from Bioware Austin, who revealed: an episodic, four vs. one multiplayer action RPG set in a modern fantasy realm. It’s called Shadow Realms, and it's still very early in development, but the game is looking quite slick from the footage shown during the Gamescom press conference. Watch for more on the game as it progresses through development.

Finally, Visceral Games’ Steve Papoutsis took to the stage to show off Battlefield Hardline’s single player campaign for the first time ever. In this must-see footage, you’ll see all sorts of great gameplay features unique to this cops vs. criminals experience, including huge focus on stealth has well as gadgets. It’s not just about guns-blazing action… but considering you have the choice to tackle every scenario the way you want, it certainly CAN be guns-blazing action if you want. Papoutsis also announced two additional multiplayer modes created specifically for Hardline’s “good guy/bad guy” dynamic, including a vehicles-only chase mode and the eSports-focused Rescue mode, where players work together to save hostages… or prevent them from being saved.

And guess what? It’s only Day One for Gamescom. Watch for more on these games and more in the coming days.