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New Today on Origin: F1 2012

The F1 series of racing games picks up where competing racing titles leave off. It’s actually more of a sport game than some of the more superficial racers out there. Everything from the cars, to the tracks, to the champions and teams that dominate the sport, gets recreated in exacting detail. Your road to victory begins long before the race as you train in the Young Driver Test, and from there launch your racing career. F1 2012 simulates all the elements that can make or break a winning run – ranging from agent emails pressuring you for the win, to pit stops, vehicle modifications, and weather patterns that may cause slick tracks. Don’t worry, though, there’s also a Flashback feature that allows you to “rewind” out of mistakes and avoid deadly crashes. 

Also new in this year’s installment is the Circuit of the Americas race in Austin, Texas -- home of the 2012 United States Grand Prix, as well as a champion mode where you can compete against the legends of the sport. The game also boasts some other modes for those of us with shorter attention spans, like Time Attack, and 5-Year Career. In the interest of realism, the actual driving mechanics feel a little more intricate and challenging compared to your standard racing game, but that means it’s just that much more satisfying to blaze past your friends or shave a few milliseconds off your time. Serious racers can pick this up for $49.99 right now.