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February is Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation Month.

Boy is it a good month to be a Battlefield 4 player. EA and DICE have dedicated the entire month of February the time to celebrate the Battlefield 4 player. If you’re in the fight there’s a lot of good stuff coming your way. If you’re sitting on the fence, DICE is making it really, really difficult to ignore the action.

First up, every single day you log into Battlefield 4, you will be awarded one bonus Battlepack. If you’re not up on exactly what a Battlepack is, these are bundles of random content that can be earned and used in-game. These are items such as weapon or experience boosts, soldier camouflages, vehicle paints and much more.

A daily bonus Battlepack means 28 over the course of February, and to earn that many you’d have to play something like 30 hours of Battlefield 4. The weekend ones are truly special: every Saturday and Sunday, that bonus Battlepack is a “silver” one. Silver Battlepacks up the chances that you’ll earn a coveted rare item that’ll really give you the edge.

Second, Shortcut Bundles. During Player Appreciation Month you’ll earn two of these bundles that, if you choose to activate them, will accelerate your soldier’s progress by unlocking all handguns and grenades temporarily. These are great for players who missed a few days of gaming and need to keep up with their squad, but it’s even more fantastic for those new to the game who need to build up their experience in order to catch up with the more veteran players.

There will also be Double XP weekends planned during this month. Again, these are a great way to build up your experience rapidly to unlock features and load-outs at the higher levels.

The Battlefield Blog has done a fantastic job laying out all the features of Player Appreciation Month. If you haven’t already bookmarked that page, we highly recommend it – there’s a lot of great Battlefield news and details on a daily basis.

If you have yet to jump into Battlefield 4, this is an excellent time to pick up the game and join your friends. May we recommend the Digital Deluxe Edition with China Rising included?