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Save On FIFA Soccer 13 And FIFA Points This Weekend

If you haven't joined the soccer craze, now is a great time to do so with our FIFA Points Bundles promotion. From today until May 28, not only are we taking up to 60 percent off of the price of all versions of FIFA Soccer 13, but we are also offering special bundles with the base game plus set amounts of FIFA Points.

The discount on the game is already a pretty good deal, but bargain hunters should look into the FIFA Point bundles. One of FIFA Soccer 13's main features is FIFA Ultimate Team, which lets you build your own team using real life players, and use them in tournaments and divisions. Players and items take the form of cards that you buy in packs, and you buy these packs with FIFA Points.

Since FIFA Points are built right into FIFA Soccer 13, that means you don't have to worry about going into a separate menu on Xbox Live or PlayStation Network every time you buy a single pack; you can actually buy multiple packs and build your team more efficiently by using a FIFA Point bundle.

We recognize the value in FIFA Points, and that's why we're bundling them with the game for even more savings this weekend. Getting the game by itself can save you up to 60 percent off the normal price, but if you get one of the FIFA Points Bundles, you can save even more. Even getting the Gold Bundle with 2200 FIFA Points (which means you're paying for 2000 FIFA Points and getting 200 as a bonus) is a deal compared to simply buying FIFA Soccer 13 by itself at its regular price. Remember, these FIFA 13 plus FIFA Point bundles are only available until May 28, so be sure to grab them and start building your team soon