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Five Awesome Things To Do in Battlefield 4 Game Time

If you haven’t played Battlefield 4 yet, it’s available to play right now on Origin, free for a whole week. You’ve probably heard of all the intense military action that awaits you, but you may not know that there’s more to this game than what’s on the surface. Here are five treats you should go after in Battlefield 4.

Caged Goat: The Battlefield team is known for its love of embedding references to pop culture in its games. This first one is a great example: On the Rogue Transmission map, a short helicopter ride will take you to the surrounding countryside, where you’ll discover an interesting artifact.

A dead goat in a cage can only mean one thing: Dinosaur bait! Yes, this reference to Jurassic Park will have you nervously wondering when the T-Rex will show up to have its mid-day meal. Good thing you have a helicopter to escape in… or is it already too late?

T-Rex roar: Hot on the heels of the previous Easter Egg, here’s evidence that the developers didn’t forget the accompanying T-Rex… even if it’s only in audio form. This one’s a bit trickier, as it requires teamwork, but it’s that much more satisfying when you pull it off.

Two players must activate two hidden buttons simultaneously in order to hear the roar of the T-Rex. Getting to both buttons will require agility, and pushing the buttons at the same time means careful timing, but it’s worth the effort, as the reverberating call of the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex is something to hear. The video will show you where to find the buttons, and the rest is up to you.

Yeti roar: Who knew that the Battlefield universe was populated by so many mythical creatures? You might not see him, but the lonely and mysterious Yeti is a part of your game. Here’s how to find him.

On the Golmud Railway map, you’ll need to travel to a particular rock out in the middle of a field. In the shadow of the rock, look toward the mountains through a stand of trees. A bright flash will alert you to your target. Using a long-distance projectile, fire at the flash and wait a few seconds. Warning: You might feel a little ashamed for provoking the cry of pain from the Yeti, but it still feels kinda good.

Peashooter: DICE is an EA developer, but it’s far from the only one. In the Dawnbreaker map, you’ll find an homage to another great EA property: Plants vs Zombies!

In this claustrophobic metropolis, you’ll find a ridge of boulders leading downhill to the side of a skyscraper. Hidden behind a crate you’ll discover a tiny peashooter, tucked away safely from all the action. He is not an active combatant, though. He’s just there to be admired.

Exploding ship: In a game full of explosions, there is one that stands out as likely the biggest and best. In the Hainan Resort map, you’ll find the wreck of a ship just off the coast. From the top of a prominent building, you’ll need to hit a glowing window on the ship with a projectile that can make it all the way across the distance.

Half the fun is getting into the proper place to hit the target; the other half is the extremely satisfying boom! For bonus points, trick a friend into getting as close to it as possible before setting it off. Check out the video for yourself if you’d like to see exactly how to approach this task.

Bonus: Summon a Giant Shark: If you’ve already committed to the Battlefield 4 experience and picked up the Naval Strike expansion pack, here’s an amazing event you can trigger with some work.

On the Nansha Strike map, there’s a specific buoy floating in the ocean. You’ll need to gather 10 people around it and just wait. Trigger warning: If you have any fear of sharks, brace yourself for the awesome glory that is the Megalodon! This video will show you exactly how to make this happen.

There’s nothing like getting a little extra out of your games. Hit the comments below if there are other hidden treats people should be looking out for in Battlefield 4. Don’t forget to pick up Battlefield 4 on Game Time for a full seven days of free play.