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Five Worst Video Game Places To Vacation In

Video games provide a great escape from the mundane aspects of life. But for every time you find yourself immersed in a video game world, or fantasizing about being in a digital universe instead of your current dayjob, think of the alternative perspective. Think of just how insane and hostile the average video game universe would be if you were a tourist visiting the area on vacation. With that mindset, here is our list of the five worst places to try to take a vacation in.

5) Steelport (Saints Row: The Third)

There are a lot of good contenders for fictional cities (i.e. the entire Grand Theft Auto franchise) that would create a ruinous vacation. Steelport from Saints Row: The Third takes the cake for just how absurd things can get there. Other open-world games can have crazy shootouts and vehicular mayhem, but only Steelport boasts the danger of having a guy in a hotdog outfit jump out of a Harrier and fire mind-controlling octopi as ammunition.

4) The World of Ruin (Final Fantasy VI)

The name should already be a giveaway for why you wouldn't want to go there, but this also provides an example of a massive bait-and-switch. Going to an exotic steampunk world where you can ride giant birds and board airships sounds rad. But then an insane clown decides to move a couple of statues, and suddenly you're in an apocalyptic wasteland. Oh, and to top it off, there are now legendary monsters like dragons or not-very-jolly green giants named Humbaba roaming the world. Again: worst bait-and-switch vacation spot.

3) Banoi (Dead Island franchise)

A zombie outbreak always messes up the attractiveness of visiting a place (see how Resident Evil turned idyllic Midwestern Raccoon City into a large irradiated crater), but Dead Island's Banoi showed that even vacations aren't safe. Everything that makes a tropical resort sound fun turns into, "this is a terrible place if zombies strike" location: isolated island, limited supply of mostly luxury items rather than sustainable ones, buildings designed for looks rather than security, etc. It's one thing when the zombie apocalypse happens at home, but when the zombies now go after our leisure spots? Not cool.

2) New York City(Numerous games)

Perhaps the most popular real world city used as a game backdrop, this iconic and worldly place holds all sorts of mischief and mayhem in its digital depictions. Its hazardous appearance dates as far back as when the Mario Bros. arcade game portrayed a New York sewer system full of nefarious flies, turtles, and crabs. Even today, it's still a bad place to visit in a game; such as when Crysis 3 turned the great city into a sequel for the Pauly Shore movie Bio-Dome.

1) Pokemon World

Sure, it looks like a happy and fun place. But examine this world objectively: The fresh air and cool attractions like time travel machines get forgotten the first time you encounter a bizarre yellow rodent that zaps you with lightning while shrieking its name. Or taking a nice evening stroll could end in running into a literal living bag of garbage. What’s even crazier is that this place is full of gangs of roving teenagers who constantly throw these same bizarre creatures at each other as a substitute for a regular ole brawl. Pokemon World sells itself as a fun place, but in reality ends up being a safari nightmare.