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Free Game Weekly: Lord of Ultima

We’ll admit it: when there’s a little bit of downtime at the office, we sneak off to play around with some browser-based games. Though, these tend to be superficial games that focused mostly on endless clicking without depth. For those of you who prefer strategy games with a bit more depth, you should look into one game from our extensive free games library: Lord of Ultima—a deeper strategic take on the beloved Ultima franchise.

While the main Ultima games have traditionally stuck to the RPG genre, there have been spin-offs that embraced different genres. The most notable of these were the Ultima Underworld titles, which were first-person action adventure games that would serve as the seed for current titles such as BioShock, Deus Ex, and the Elder Scrolls series. Lord of Ultima serves as another spin-off, in that it takes the world of Ultima but engages you with it at a much higher sociopolitical level—a governing level. In Lord of Ultima, you start by settling down to create a modest village, and work on developing it into a multi-city empire. You can customize your city with 27 different types of buildings that you’ll need to be strategic about when placing—such as making sure to put woodcutters and a sawmill right next to a forest to efficiently collect and convert all of that wood. You not only build up a town, but also have the option to construct a castle and staff an army to go forth and conquer other kingdoms with. The game features plenty of flexibility on the roles you can choose; prosper as a merchant with aggressive and expansive trade of resources such as wood, stone, iron, and food; or as a ruthless conqueror that can steamroll other cities with massive armies full of knights and ships. All this goes toward your goal of being crowned “Lord of Ultima.”

This detailed strategy game can be played right from your browser. While you can play it absolutely free, within the game, you can also opt to purchase enhancements such as ministers to manage your resources or artifacts to increase production.  Keep an eye out for the game’s frequent additions and improvements, and related contests like this one