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Halls of EA - Conference Room Edition

Conference rooms don't usually get associated with "fun"—instead, tense meetings and sweat inducing interviews happen within their confining walls. But this is why, perhaps, companies have begun to name their conference rooms after tropical vacation spots or influential innovators from their industry —so what happens when you leave the naming up to a bunch of gamers? 

There are flashes of EA’s wackiness with names like, “Bored Room,” “Boss Monster,” and “Uber l33t.” Additionally, employees can request to rename a conference room at any time. Not so long ago, “The Hurt locker” changed to “The Battlefield War Room.” Tomorrow, we could try to rename it to “Pac-Man loves Mrs. Pac-Man.” 

Some conference rooms also reflect EA's history. Rooms like, “Archon,” “Hard Hat Mack,” and “Pinball Construction Set” remind us of some of EA's first games; and adjoining rooms called, “Square” and “Circle Triangle” refer to the original EA logo. And of course, what is EA without a room called, “It’s In The Game”? 

With many conference rooms on campus, there is a little something for everyone. If you are an action shooter aficionado, you'll want to book a meeting in rooms like, “The Frag Zone” and “Inner Sanctum.” For the Sports fans we have, “Penalty Box,” “The Huddle,” “Teed Off,” and “Madden War Room.”  Of course we have no lack of Sims fans here at EA, and you can tell with names like, “Reticulating Spines” and “Llama Land.” Even casual gamers also have made their voice heard with names like, “Pogo-a-gogo,” “Free Parking,” and “E is for Everyone.”  We don't use only EA and gaming references; even Star Trek fans have even made their mark with “Holodeck 2” and “Resistance is Futile.” Go ahead and send a note to a coworker to meet you in the “Love Tub”—that's not awkward at all. We also have “Yin” and “Yang” to balance it all out.  These little sparks of creativity remind us that video game culture isn't just present in flashy memorabilia. It pays to keep a keen eye out to the literal halls of EA for gaming nuggets like these, and as one of our conference rooms says on its door: “That’s a wrap.” 

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