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Halls of EA - Cool Cubes

Ever wonder who designs the Origin User Interface? The next time you click on the orange Log In button to start Origin, or browse the Origin Store in general, you can credit dinosaur-fan Janelle Hitz for your user experience. As a Senior Visual Designer at Origin, Janelle has her hands in all things creative; she delivers high quality banners on the Origin client as well as anything visual on the storefront. With her job focusing on the visual aspects of Origin, it got me wondering: what sort of workspace does she have? The answer: one featuring skateboards, a little fish, and a dinosaur head among other things. 

The first thing that caught my eye was the dinosaur (past the above animal collection), so I had to ask: "What’s with the T-rex?" Janelle gives a simple answer: “It's badass. Dinosaurs are great--I think every cube should have a T-rex. They should all come stocked with dinosaur heads.” Besides this “badass” dino head, Janelle tells me the favorite thing in her cube is her betta fish: “he's a cool little dude; he just swims around and blows bubbles all day.”

When asked about the other standout decorations right next to the T-rex head, Janelle replies: "Yep, those are skate decks--my own personal collection. My husband loves to skate and got me into it. I can't do any fancy tricks or anything, but I can walk the dogs on one”.

With so many cool things in her cube she tells us she tries her best to keep it clean, “otherwise I can never find anything. “Let's face it--we all spend a lot of time at work. This totally justifies making a space that we love. For me, it's a way to stay happy, creative and stress-free. It's always the little things that can make a big difference.”

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