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Halls of EA – Dead Space Edition

The Origin Insider talked to Dead Space 3 Art Director Alex Muscat and User Interface Design Lead Dino Ignacio about their inspirations and feelings about their amazing creations.


We asked Alex about how he felt about having the art that he helped to make showcased around the EA Campus. “F***ing awesome!! I’m super proud to have had the opportunity to work with the Dead Space team and create such a high quality game. It’s a humbling reminder every time I walk by the gallery about how talented and creative our artists are. It feels extra good when I feel other people stopping and staring at our work. That’s when we know we did something right.” “It’s really exciting to see our years of hard work manifested as giant art prints,” added Dino. “It’s a great way to celebrate the game. Each image in the showcase is the culmination of art implementation, systems design, and engineering magic,” he concluded.

We also visited Muscat’s desk and saw that he loves to, as he describes it, “horde” all the Dead Space art, as much as he likes to make it.


When asked about his inspiration, Alex explained, “It depends what we’re building. If we’re looking for reference for our ice planet, we’ll look at videos like National Geographic or Planet Earth documentaries. If we’re looking at designing our old military expedition, we’ll look at vintage battle ships from WW2 and other vintage themes—like the Lewis and Clarke expeditions.”

Dino attributes his inspiration to the team around him, “I’m a big fan of the team I’m part of. All the people I’ve worked with from way back in Dead Space 1 have been a true inspiration. It’s not hard to do your best when you are surrounded by other people who also deliver nothing less than amazing. The passion, dedication and experience in this team is staggering. I’m surrounded by my heroes.”

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