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Halls of EA - Tim's House

Origin Insider uncovers the story behind the heartfelt dedication of EA’s own basketball court, “Tim’s house”. 

Whether you're an EA employee that regularly uses the gym, or a visitor getting a tour of the Redwood Shores campus, you might have noticed the name plaque outside the basketball gym that simply reads, "Tim's House." Who is Tim and why is the basketball gym named after him? We learned that "Tim's House" has its roots in a particularly surprising and touching part of EA history. Origin Insider talked to Julie Wynn—an EA campus expert—who told us the whole story of the “jump shooter from Ohio,” and why it was important to dedicate the gym to him.

Julie told us that "Tim's House" refers to Timothy J. Eifert, who worked at EA for 16 years and made his way up to become the Vice President of PC Sales—a true success story within the halls of EA. During his career, Tim received five of EA’s annual awards including the coveted Most Valuable Player Award in 1996. Julie explains that whether in business or in sports, “Tim was a competitor… he loved challenges and he loved to win. Above all, he believed in the team." Tim also loved sports and played pick-up basketball early mornings at the EA gymnasium—enough to the point that everyone called him the "jump shooter from Ohio." His dedication to playing at the gym got to the point where he often referred to it as, "his house."

Julie continued, “Tim was unexpectedly taken from the EA family on July 14, 2002. As an ongoing tribute to a special person, EA chose to dedicate their gymnasium to Timothy J. Eifert, a consummate professional, enthusiastic and charismatic leader, loving father and husband, athlete, and missed friend.” Because of the memories he created during his time at EA, Julie continued, “[It] will forever be known as 'Tim's House.' At home, at work, and on the court, we could always count on Tim for a three-pointer.”

In another call-out to Tim and his legacy, once you're inside the gym, you can see—hanging up high on the wall—his retired jersey. Julie explains, “EA hung a jersey dedicated to Tim in 'his house' with the number 16—which is the combined ages of Tim's kids at the time he died, as well as the number of years that he worked at EA.”

Finally, EA dedicated the below memorial plaque to Tim just outside of the gym which reads (in case you can't quite read the text): "In 2002, Tim Eifert, EA's Vice President of PC Sales, was unexpectedly taken from his friends, family, and colleagues. For his love of our games and sports, for his leadership in our company, for his dedication as a husband and father, and for his friendship to so many at EA, we dedicate this gym to Tim Eifert." A scale model of this plaque was given to his widow Kim, and in addition, EA established an educational trust fund for Tim’s two children Lindsay and Andrew.

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