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Celebrate N7 Day With The Mass Effect Trilogy

This month marks the five year anniversary of the release of the original Mass Effect, the action-RPG that kicked off an epic sci-fi trilogy. To commemorate this anniversary, not only did we release the Mass Effect Trilogy—so you can get all 75-plus hours of action, gunplay, and decision making in one low price—we’ve designated today as the first official (and annual) “N7 Day.”

If you don’t recall, “N7” is the military vocational code that describes the Spectres, the elite group of operatives that ME protagonist Commander Shepard belongs to. Technically, “N” refers to the Special Forces branch and “7” indicates that the individual person has reached the highest level of proficiency. Me, I prefer to think of the N7 as the official “you’re both Jack Bauer from 24 and James Bond rolled into one—you have to stop this imminent threat using whatever means necessary” stamp of approval. 

In celebration of N7 Day, BioWare has made art assets likewallpapers, profile pictures, forum icons, etc. available as a Mass Effect Fan Kit. There’s also an official N7 Day Pinterest album depicting some of the best cosplay photos, plus numerous contests, deals, powerful items, upgrades, and more.

The final bit of big news from today’s N7 shenanigans is the pair of N7-specific multiplayer events for Mass Effect 3. Make sure to log into ME3 multiplayer in order to obtain the Reinforcement Pack, which adds a suite of items and one guaranteed ultra-rare item (I’m personally hoping for a Black Widow rifle). Be sure to also play in the N7 Day Alliance Challenge;survive until extraction three times as a human character—meaning basic human classes, N7 human classes, or ex-Cerberus classes—on any map or difficulty, and unlock a new N7 Day banner for your N7 HQ profile.

Grab your copy of the Mass Effect Trilogy here and jump into the festivities today.