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New On Origin: The Sims 3 Monte Vista

For those who enjoy some scenery with their Sims comes the new world for The Sims™ 3. Monte Vista looks to be lovingly modeled after the rustic villages and castles that dot the countryside of Tuscany and Umbria. This new world is steeped in old-world charm—filled with majestic villas, ancient bridges and a rustic town center with a view of grassy rolling hills. It also features a brand-new game object, the wood-fire pizza oven, which your Sims can use to make a variety of breads and pizzas. The Monte family from The Sims™ 2 also makes an appearance, along with several all-new items and outfits suited for exploring the local café or museum. Everything about Monte Vista seems designed to help your Sims take a deep virtual breath and relax. Do your Sims need to take a break from the stress of daily life in Sunset Valley? Maybe it’s time for a change of pace and scenery with a trip to the gentle slopes of Monte Vista.