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New Today On Origin: A Game of Thrones: Genesis

If ever there was a fantasy world destined to be made into a strategy video game, it’s the land of Westeros from George R.R. Martin’s epic “The Song of Ice and Fire” saga (in both television form, via the upcoming third season of Game of Thrones on HBO, and in novel form with the latest installment “A Dance With Dragons”). Filled with a rich and brutal history of battles, dragons, tyrants, and treachery, the seven kingdoms of Westeros have never been at peace for long. A Game of Thrones: Genesis takes full advantage of this history, and allows the player to experience some of the important events that form the backdrop of the saga rather than simply replaying the familiar stories of both the novels and the show. This allows you to shape the world of the series and rewrite more than 1,000 years of history—ranging from Nymeria’s arrival in Dorne to the awakening of the “Others” beyond the Wall. All of the hallmark tricks of the saga are at your disposal as you leverage financial power, wage outright war, or resort to treachery and back-stabbing politics. You can also play along with up to seven other players in multiplayer—making alliances and breaking them to suit your own ends. After all what’s a little black-hearted deceit among friends? You can find out for yourself by grabbing A Game of Thrones: Genesis today.