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New Today On Origin: Air Conflicts Pacific Carrier

It is World War II; giant battles rage across Europe, and a time has come when the Pacific region can no longer remain free of conflict. America and Japan get involved in the war, and daring fighters rush to join the battle on the seas and in the air.

Part strategy, part flight simulator, and part shooter, Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers covers all the bases of WWII Pacific Theater combat. Take control of a massive vessel and plan your attack, and then pilot a plane (or an entire squadron) in some of the most famous battles from the War in the Pacific. You can join the U.S. Navy or the Japanese Imperial Fleet, and fly missions ranging from Pearl Harbor to Midway and Wake Island. Missions will have you engaging in fierce dogfights, taking out land and sea targets with bombs and torpedoes, or defending your ship from enemy planes. The game’s developers have done a great job recreating the authentic look of the actual carriers and planes, and the combat feels visceral and explosive. This game promises to be especially fun in multiplayer where you can challenge your friends to dogfights, and can be yours for $29.99