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New Today on Origin: Aliens: Colonial Marines

Return to the dead wastes of the planet LV-426, and enter the claustrophobic corridors of the ghost ship Sulaco drifting millions of miles off course in the depths of space. The only sounds are your own breathing and the accelerating ping of the motion sensor. Something is coming—fast. It’s a good thing you brought along plenty of firepower, because you’re going to need every last bullet in Aliens: Colonial Marines.

ACM picks up pretty much where James Cameron’s classic blockbuster, Aliens, left off. The developers have meticulously recreated the movie's terrifying look and feel by using the same sound effects and artistic inspiration. The result is an intense and atmospheric first-person shooter that infuses every moment with nail-biting tension and pure survival instinct. It’s a good thing a Marine is always prepared then. Take on the beasts with weapons and equipment pulled right from the canon including pulse rifles, flame throwers, and the iconic motion tracker. If you get swarmed, team up with drop-in drop-out co-op gameplay to take the fight to the enemy. There are also several new multiplayer modes that allow you to play as a heavily armed Marine or a new class of lethal Xenomorph. Pick up your copy today and experience the ultimate action/horror first-person shooter.