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New Today on Origin: Battlefield 3: End Game

The fifth and final expansion pack for Battlefield 3 can best be summed up in a single word: speed. The maps, vehicles and modes are all geared towards mobile combat. Zippy new dirt bikes and lightweight anti-aircraft vehicles can now exchange fire with enemy vehicles and convoys as they cruise across four huge new maps. The maps feature a variety of on- and off-road terrain—from deserts to mountains to dense forests—designed for vehicular mayhem and action. The developers have also added a new dropship that can transport troops and vehicles to an area and turn the tide of battle in an instant—if they don’t get blown out of the sky first. The package gets topped off with the return of two favorite lightning-fast game modes: Capture The Flag and Air Superiority. With lots of places to explore and combat that can turn on a dime, it’s worth mounting up and strapping in for the ride in End Game today.