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New Today on Origin: Crysis 3

It's time to suit up, because Crysis 3 is finally here! The newest chapter in the epic first-person shooter saga has hit the virtual shelves. The developers at Crytek have been teasing us with the Seven Wonders trailers and a pretty intense multiplayer beta; but nothing compares to the real thing. The graphics look incredible and the weapons are insane—from the sneaky signature Predator Bow to the all-out mayhem of the 500 round spewing Typhoon gun. If you’re unfamiliar with the series, all you need to know is: aliens called the Ceph have taken over New York City. Subsequently, it’s been quarantined under a giant dome and has basically turned into a huge jungle. You play as the mysterious Prophet, and have an awesome Nanosuit with special capabilities like cloak and armor­. You’ve been sent in to hunt the Ceph and clean up the town. The world of the game is massive, open, and beautiful; and the action is intense as you take down pretty much anything that moves—against both the alien Ceph (which range from humanoid troops to giant robots called Pingers) and the human agents of the private military company Crynet Systems (commonly referred to as troopers of the Crynet Enforcement & Local Logistics, or C.E.L.L.).

In celebration of launch, we're also extending the availability of the Hunter Edition for one week past launch, which includes early access to all the multiplayer bonus items like the Predator bow, a bonus XP boost, a new Nanosuit, and dog tags for the same price as the standard edition. So even if you didn't have a chance to pre-order and lock in those bonuses, you still can grab these bonus perks, but only for a limited time.

For those who want the full experience, you can get all of the above items, plus an early unlock of the Typhoon gun, the complete Crysis 2: Maximum Edition, and more in the Origin-exclusive Digital Deluxe Edition. No matter how you want to suit up, we got you covered at Origin.