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New Today on Origin: Dead Island Game of the Year Edition

Remember Dead Island? It had that awesome reverse slow motion trailer. The game’s great, too. You get thrown onto a tropical island teeming with rotting undead, and have to fight your way to safety and save as many vacationers as you can. It’s a pretty intense first-person…well, bludgeoner…with enough relentless thrills to keep your adrenaline pumping right up to the end. Now you can get all the action of the original game with some slick new content included in the Game of the Year Edition.

If you just can’t get enough zombie-hacking gore, head on over to the Blood Arena and duke it out for as long as you can stand. All your experience and items looted while in the arena will carry over into your campaign, so it’s a great way to stock up on supplies. You also get “The Ripper,” which is exactly what it sounds like-- the ultimate anti-zombie weapon—a circular saw attached to the end of a baseball bat. All that, plus a bonus campaign as the story’s antagonist Ryder Whitewhich provides plenty of good shoot outs and an alternate look at the main story. This deadly vacation is yours for only $19.99