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New Today on Origin: Dead Island: Riptide Pre-Orders

The intense zombie action that fueled the first Dead Island game gets a new twist in Riptide. This installment features the exploration and crafting prevalent in the first game, as well as the ability to set traps and use your environment to fend off the brain-hungry fiends. Now, however, you play as a new character on a different island in the Banoi archipelago—and must deal with the rising tide of the monsoon rains as well as the relentless waves of undead.  The new island offers a slew of new locations to explore and a new way to get around on the encroaching waters: boats. You can still customize your weapons and team up with other players in the seamless co-op style that made the last Dead Island so much fun, or go it alone and try to save as many as you can.

Pre-order today to get the BBQ Blade, a machete with a flame thrower attachment (yes, you read that right), an XP boost, and a discount on all the goodies at the in-game shop.