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New Today on Origin: Dead Space 3 Awakened

Return to the desolate and decimated ice planet Tau Volantis in this expansion for Dead Space 3. Set immediately after the events of the game, the expansion continues the stories of heroes Isaac Clarke and John Carver. Their struggle against the Necromorphs has left them stranded, left for dead, and on the brink of madness, but somehow they must find the will to survive amidst new enemies as they struggle to make their way back from the edge of space. They are led back to the derelict ship Terra Nova which, in true Dead Space style, is populated by an insane cult of extreme Unitologists. Fans who thought the third chapter in the Dead Space saga strayed too far from its horror roots should enjoy this expansion, which promises to be the darkest installment yet—complete with violent hallucinations, a ghost ship strewn with blood and body parts, and more enemies than you can shake a plasma cutter at. Experience the terror for yourself today.