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New Today on Origin: Death Road

Death Road is a nostalgic throwback to the old arcade racers of the 1980s (but now with modern graphics and controls, of course). Even if you’re too young to remember when you had to leave your house and buy tokens to play video games, this one is well worth a look. Death Road captures the exciting neon look from the old arcade games, and then gives it a high-definition facelift. You start with one of a series of sleek unlockable hover vehicles, and then race them through towering neon cities. You can blow your opponents off the track with a variety of weapons from laser guns to rocket launchers, or simply edge them out with superior driving. Among the seven game modes is also one for multiplayer racing, where you can take on up to five friends and duke it out on the track. The controls feel smooth and responsive, and the game really captures the feeling of extreme speed well. Go for a nostalgic arcade racing spin for just $14.99.