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New Today on Origin: DmC Devil May Cry

Way back in 2001, Capcom released a "stylish hard action game" that helped redefine the action game genre as a whole. Originally conceived as a survival horror game (in fact, it was going to be Resident Evil 4), Devil May Cry shifted from slow horror and tension into fast and furious action. The "stylish combo-driven 3D action game" genre is pretty normal now, but back then—imagine the novelty of seeing a 3D game where you could swing an oversized sword to propel an enemy into the air, and then switch to pistols to fire off a steady stream of bullets to keep the enemy airborne. A skilled player pulling off a tricky combo attack looked downright glorious as the main character Dante richocheted around the screen, dispatching foes all around with style and flair, followed by a knowingly over-the-top verbal quip at the end.

For this latest installment, Capcom has opted to have development studio Ninja Theory (the folks behind such visually striking and stylized games like Heavenly Sword and Enslaved: Odyssey To The West) create a re-imagining of Dante's origin. So if you never jumped into the previous four Devil May Cry titles, then this is the perfect point of departure. Ninja Theory maintains the series' signature (and stylish) combo-driven combat, but has also injected the game with a distinct and original visual aesthetic—levels that take place inside a soda factory and a news network showcase imaginative graphics that haven't been seen in previous DMC installments. Even with so much being newly added to the game, the developers maintain Dante's signature one-liner-dispensing attitude throughout.

Whether you've played any of the previous four games or not, if you're looking for a "cool action game" to play this weekend, today is a great time to check out DmC Devil May Cry.