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New Today on Origin: DmC Devil May Cry Pre-Order

The original Devil May Cry made a name for itself with fantastic graphics, compelling characters, and some of the best action gameplay seen in gaming—courtesy of an extremely fluid combat system that rewarded players for stringing together sword and gun moves in true anime style. This latest installment in the series promises to surpass its predecessors on all fronts. Publisher Capcom has teamed up with UK developer Ninja Theory (best known for Enslaved: Odyssey To The West and Heavenly Sword) to up the ante of the game’s look and feel. Even with a new development team, Capcom has made sure to assign most of the original game team to work along with Ninja Theory to maintain Devil May Cry’s spirit. Ninja Theory’s contributions include spectacular motion-capture graphics, a new combat system that allows you to change weapons on the fly, and an immersive origin story. This origin focuses on the half-angel/half-demon Dante as he tries to unravel his past while beginning his battle against the overlords of the demon world. DMC looks to be packed with gigantic boss fights, unbelievably realistic graphics, and enough fluid hack-and-shoot action to delight seasoned fans and newcomers alike, and you can order it today on Origin before its January release.