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New Today on Origin: EVE Online

It takes a little while to get acclimated to the universe of EVE Online, but for the serious gamer, the experience is well worth the time and effort. EVE offers incredible depth and variety because it’s one gigantic massively multiplayer online (MMO) sandbox in space. You get your space ship and have the whole universe to explore. There’s no jumping into a party to take on an enemy and then jumping back out again—everything you do affects the entire community across one vast virtual universe that’s 300,000 players strong. This means that your experience and role are completely defined by your decisions and actions and those of other players, independent of any kind of script; and your goals and missions are wholly your own. You can become a captain of industry or a lone-wolf space pirate, and one player in the right place at the right time could change the fate of thousands. Add to this the fact that the graphics are stunning, and it’s easy to see why EVE has endured while other sci-fi MMOs have virtual tumbleweeds blowing through their empty servers. Order on Origin for $19.95, and you get the exclusive ship Intaki Syndicate Catalyst for your all-purpose mining, hauling, and patrolling needs.