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New Today on Origin: Far Cry 3

Ever been on one of those vacations where you wish you had just stayed home instead? How about being stranded on a remote tropical island full of pirates, psychopaths, and an inexplicable variety of dangerous animals? This is the situation you find yourself in as Jason Brody in Far Cry 3. To survive and rescue your friends from the ruthless brigands, you’ll need a combination of skill, stealth, and crafting know-how. The open world of Rook Island is eye-poppingly beautiful and the perfect setting for exploration, hunting, and stealthy combat. Add an intriguing story and you’ve got one great first-person shooter.

The Deluxe Edition is packed full of extra content with something for everyone. There’s a Warrior Pack with bonus weapons and early unlocks for multiplayer competition, a Predator Pack for those who are in it for the hunt, The Lost Expeditions for explorers, and the Monkey Business Pack for fans who just want to get a little crazy with bomb-toting monkeys. With enough crazed characters and side quests to provide countless hours of open-world fun, and the chance to see what it's like to punch a shark in the face, why would you ever want to go home?