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New Today on Origin: Farming Simulator 2013

There is a certain satisfaction that comes from building a business and watching it grow—especially if you get to drive and operate gigantic tractors, harvesters, and combines in the process. Farming Simulator 2013 provides just that on a massive scale. This new installment includes more than 100 vehicles and machines from 20 renown brands; and also adds vehicles for tending the all-new crop varieties: potatoes and sugar beets. The developers have faithfully reproduced all of the farm machinery–from tractor balers to sprayers–in both aesthetics and interaction (right down to simulating controls and features). For example, the potato harvester is truly massive and has a staggering array of moving parts and conveyors to pick the potatoes and then gently deliver them to the hopper for distribution. Seeing how these machines work makes up most of the fun, and it gets even more fun when you divide up the work with friends. That is, you can cooperatively manage a farm with up to 10 friends online (or on LAN for a truly epic LAN farm party). If you enjoy the numerous farming games on Facebook, then you should definitely check out Farming Simulator 2013 and take your farm management skills to a whole new level for $29.99.