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New Today on Origin: FIFA Manager 13

If you like to engross yourself in deep and addictive gaming experiences, then FIFA Manager 13 might be the game for you. It gives you the chance to take on the difficult job of a pro football (or “soccer” for us Americans) manager and lead your favorite team to glory. You don’t just choose a football club, buy players, and let the A.I. duke it out on the field. You actually have to take charge of the club on every level -- from fulfilling realistic fan, media, and sponsor demands to managing players’ goals, woes, and desires. You have total control over the tactics and player development, the formations and set pieces, and the tempo and balance of the game.

FIFA Manager 13 takes this intricacy much further than previous installments. The Team Dynamics feature gives you many more options for managing team chemistry through player relationships, rivalries, and interactions. The Team Matrix and Hierarchy Pyramid enable you to identify which players positively and negatively impact team dynamics. Sleek visual and user interface upgrades make the overall presentation more player-friendly, so it’s even quicker and easier to make your tough decisions.

It’s these features that give FIFA Manager 13 its ridiculous amount of depth, and you really have to utilize all of it to succeed. Victory isn’t about just obtaining the hottest stars out there -- if you want glory, you have to earn it by intelligently analyzing strengths and weaknesses, attracting upcoming stars, instilling confidence in your team, and so much more. 

If you haven’t played FIFA Manager, you’re missing out. But be wary! It becomes highly addictive once you dive deep into managing your club; and once you’re hooked you won’t want to give it up. You can try the demo, or go right into club management for $39.99.