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New Today On Origin: Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams

2D adventure platforming takes on a new twist in this creative and darkly clever game. The genre’s standard mechanics (puzzle solving and using precision timing to avoid traps and defeat enemies) are enhanced by the ability to shift between characters and worlds at will.

Each of the two sisters inhabits her own dream world—one a fluffy, candy-coated fairy tale and the other a gothic nightmare like something out of a Tim Burton movie. Both the worlds are rendered with amazing color and texture that extends all the way into the deepest background layers, and the warp effect as you zip between the worlds is pretty spectacular. Even the fantastic dual soundtrack by Chris Hülsbeck and Machinae Supremacy changes as you navigate between worlds.

The game mechanics—which center on choosing the right sister for the task at hand and making use of platforms and objects in both worlds by shifting back and forth—are fluid and engaging, thanks to the cool visual effects. There are also some pretty epic boss battles to be had where each of the sisters will have to draw upon her special powers to survive the nightmare. If you’re an adventure platforming fan or just looking for a visual treat, check out Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams today.