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New Today on Origin: Hitman Absolution

It’s been a while since Hitman: Blood Money's 2006 release, but Agent 47 hasn’t lost any of his edge. The Hitman franchise staples of using disguises, laying traps, and lots of sneaking still play a big part of Hitman: Absolution—but Absolution's real star is the world in which it is set. From pulsing crowd scenes to lonely alleyways, the environments and dialogue truly give you the sense that you are moving through a human environment. There are plenty of opportunities to get creative with how you carry out your missions, and the game encourages improvisation and adaptation. If your trusty garrote wire or silverballer pistols don't work for you, then you can use items like plungers, fireworks, and even a disco ball with deadly force. This focus on improvisation also affects the new Contracts Mode. In Contracts, you set up specific hit assignments and scenarios, and then share your own performances of said contracts online to compete with other players, and determine which of you is truly the deadliest and most creative assassin.

A few new features make Agent 47’s arsenal of skills even more deadly. “Instinct” allows you to track an enemy’s patrol pattern to see not only where they are, but where they will move next. There’s also the Point-Shooting feature which allows you to slow time to get in several deadly shots in a row—great for when you get caught in a tight spot. Hardcore Hitman fans may find these features give the player too much advantage, but you can choose to turn them off and rely on your own deadly instincts if you choose. Go ahead and take control of the original assassin today.