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New Today on Origin: Mass Effect Trilogy

This is an epic value if we’ve ever seen one! All three Mass Effect games are now bundled together for one great price and available for pre-order. This critically acclaimed action-RPG series follows the adventures of Commander Shepard -- the galaxy’s most elite soldier – as he (or she) tries to defeat the Reapers (an ancient mechanical race bent on the annihilation of all organic life). It starts off innocuously, with Shepard and the crew of the SSV Normandy investigating a mysterious alien artifact in Mass Effect – and quickly escalates into a space opera that climaxes with a full-on invasion of Earth.

As you step into the role of Shepard, you become instantly immersed in a beautiful living galaxy where every choice you make has an effect – some great while others subtle – on how the story plays out for you over all three games. Deciding on whether to exterminate the last living member of an endangered species in Mass Effect 1 could then affect a mission in Mass Effect 3. Siding with a compassionate character rather than the ruthless one in a heated argument could determine which one lives or dies down the line.

When you’re not immersed in the cinematic storytelling, you’re likely to be engrossed by the shooter-style combat. Besides ducking behind cover and shooting when you can, you’ll also be leading a variety of squadmates into battles – each with their own special abilities. Mass Effect is the series where you can be just shooting robots in one moment, and then having a talking dinosaur charge into battle to headbutt the enemy the next moment – all concluded by having another squadmate create a miniature black hole to mop up the remaining bad guys.

This whole package -- traveling to exotic planets aboard the Normandy, meeting new alien races in a richly fleshed-out storyline punctuated with edge-of-your-seat firefights, and making hard decisions – can take up to 75 hours to play through and is well worth that time. If you haven’t tried any of the Mass Effect games, this is a fantastic opportunity to pre-order the whole amazing experience at once for just $59.99