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New Today on Origin: Medal of Honor Warfighter Shortcut Packs

Looking for a faster way to get some of the Tier 1 Operators for your class? Are you envious of how MOH Warfighter veterans get to use the SFOD-D version of the Assaulter or the SAS version of the Spec Ops class? Then you’ll welcome our new Shortcut Kits that will help you get caught up to more experienced players. Each kit—Sniper, Heavy Gunner, Spec Ops, Point Man, Assaulter, and Demolitions—will unlock all twelve Tier 1 Operators for the specified class which gives you access to all of the perks, secondary weapons, and grenade variations for that class. So if you don’t want to wait until your Point Man hits Rank 70 to get the South Korean UDT brandishing the OBR 5.56, then grab the Point Man Shortcut Pack. Buy the Sniper Shortcut Pack to instantly unlock the US Navy SEAL with his Tac-300, or purchase the Demolition Shortcut Pack to unlock the German KSK and his 416C. Another option is to spring for the Global Warfighter Shortcut Pack to get all 72 Tier Operators in multiplayer. Whether you’re looking to get a jump start in a class that you’ve been neglecting, or just want to play as a Delta operative for any class early, these Shortcuts are the way to go.