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New Today On Origin: Metro: Last Light Pre-Order

Return to a bleak vision of the future with the highly anticipated sequel to last year’s cult classic, Metro 2033™. You play as Artyom, one of the few survivors of a nuclear apocalypse that has shattered Moscow and rendered the surface world uninhabitable. Clinging to your humanity in what was once the city’s metro system, you must fight your way through other station-strongholds and against both man and mutant in a last ditch effort to save what remains of the human race.

Metro 2033 established itself as a serious contender in the horror genre with non-stop thrills and palpable tension that built to a fever pitch. This year’s follow-up has all the hallmarks of a great game as well with a stark atmosphere, limited supplies, and creepy monsters lurking around every corner. If you pre-order the limited edition, you can even get the hardcore Ranger Mode with no heads up display, fewer bullets and even more brutal combat. If you like your games intense and immersive this is definitely one to check out