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New Today On Origin: Napoleon: Total War

For military strategy enthusiasts, few commanders are as legendary or revered as Napoleon. It seemed inevitable that sooner or later a strategy game would come along to recreate the battles and that carved Napoleon’s name into history. The Total War franchise is the perfect vehicle for this epic challenge. Their gameplay mechanic and unrivalled attention to detail make it feel as though you are playing through a film. From the buttons on your opponent’s coat to the movements of armies and navies on the world map, everything is rendered in precise cinematic detail, rendering the battle sequences truly epic—and there are a lot of battles to be fought! The single-player campaign will take you from the great general’s humble beginnings fighting through Italy to the conquest of Egypt, and finally all of Europe. The combat plays out in real time with new tactical options and bone-jarring weaponry. You can also play against the French as Nelson or other opposing armies, and a cutting-edge multiplayer mode lets you test your strategic skills against your friends. If you have ever wanted to relive history, or perhaps even rewrite it, check out this fantastic strategy game.