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New Today on Origin: Omerta: City of Gangsters

Ah, the good old days when all you needed were a dream, a Tommy gun, and a bathtub of gin to make a name for yourself. Omerta: City of Gangsters drops you on the shores of Prohibition-era Atlantic City as a poor immigrant who dreams of making it to the big time. Start your life of crime by pulling off minor heists, and then assemble a crew of palookas to start building your own gangster syndicate to take on the bosses of the boardwalk. Omerta combines longterm strategic planning with turn-based tactical combat in an open sandbox recreation of 1920s Atlantic City (complete with real-world historic landmarks). The development team has gone all out to recreate this exciting and dangerous era while immersing you in the world of the prohibition gangster. As you build your mob and work your way up the criminal ranks, you’ll have to fight your way through bank robberies, heists, street battles and more—as well as manage racketeering, smuggling, bribery and other disreputable activities. Simple RPG-style skill trees let you invest in the abilities of your crew without too many cumbersome stats to distract from the action. Take your shot at becoming the most notorious crime boss in Atlantic City today.