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New Today on Origin: Ravaged

We’re excited about today’s release, which marks the first time a crowd-funded title becomes available on Origin. What do you get when you cross some of the big brains behind Battlefield 2 with crowd-funding and no publisher restrictions? Ravaged! This intensely fun post-apocalyptic vehicle brawler pulls out all the stops for smooth, responsive, and relentless action. You play as a member of one of two rival factions fighting for the last remaining resources after a natural disaster has made our planet almost unlivable. The ability to choose and swap character classes with ease gives you the opportunity to be a sniper one minute, and a heavy anti-tank gunner the next. 

Where Ravaged really shines, however, is how the vehicles look and feel. In keeping with the Earth-gone-bad theme, these have the look of appropriated cars and trucks that have been modified for battle, and even helicopters that look as though they’ve been built from scratch. Most of the vehicles have a turbo boost to blaze across the selection of huge maps -- which are designed around vehicles and feature jump ramps, bridges, and other cool driving hazards. Overall this game looks spectacular. I can’t wait to get my hands on it; and you can too for $24.99.