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New Today on Origin: Resident Evil 6

Evil has truly gone global in this latest chapter of the popular survival horror franchise. Taking place all over the world—ranging from the United States to Eastern Europe to the Chinese city of Lanshiang—the story has RE all-stars Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield returning to do battle against a new and deadlier strain of mutagen called the C-virus. They are joined by newcomers like Jake Muller and Helena Harper as they face disturbing mutants and horrific zombies in multiple distinct campaigns which take place simultaneously across the globe. You can play through these campaigns in single-player or team up in co-op mode. At certain points of the game—where the plot lines intertwine—you can then “cross over” into another storyline and play with up to three other players at once. If you complete the initial three campaigns, a final campaign gets unlocked where you play as femme fatale Ada Wong and get a chance to learn the truth behind some of the game’s unanswered questions. Some new game modes for multiplayer add to the draw, including Agent Hunt mode—which lets you become one of the infected and hunt your human counterparts. Pick up Resident Evil 6 and join the worldwide fight for humanity today.