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New Today on Origin: Rift Storm Legion

The world of Telara gets a huge facelift with the Storm Legion expansion pack. Introducing a whole new story and tripling the size of the virtual fantasy world, this expansion adds to what is already one of the smoothest and cleanest MMOs out there. New dungeons, missions, and a massive Colossus that ravages the world around it are just some of the new features in this huge expansion. If you’re new to the MMO genre, you’ll find RIFT an extremely accessible way to start collecting and crafting objects, gaining souls to increase your skills, and getting into epic fights with your friends. For the more experienced player, RIFT offers smoother drop-in/drop-out play than some of the other games out there and a gameplay mechanic that doesn’t get bogged down in tedious details. The standard edition (available for $49.99) also includes 30 days of RIFT gameplay, and the Deluxe Infinity Edition (that you can get for $69.99) includes a portal generator for speedy travel, a cyclone mount, and a mini Regulos dragon.