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New Today on Origin: Saints Row The Third--The Full Package

There’s serious games…like Grand Theft Auto IV that became a sprawling epic about crime and immigration in America or Medal of Honor which focuses on the sacrifices of brave men. Then there’re games like Saints Row, which presents a ridiculously over-the-top carnival of mayhem. In this installment, you play as the leader of the ruthless, fun-loving, and mischievous gang known as the Third Street Saints. And your first mission? To attempt to rob a bank by attaching it to a helicopter and airlifting the entire thing. Then the game starts adding a Japanese-style game show, luchadors, zombies, hover jets, and more random wackiness than you can aim a steady minigun at. Saints Row isn’t so much about realism and story as it is about throwing as much fun, cool, and insane stuff into an open-world environment as one’s sense of humor can take. The “Full Package” edition includes over $50 worth of additional downloadable content—meaning more bizarre missions, outfits, vehicles and weapons all in one place so you can tear up the town with even more style. Cool (and yours for just $49.99).